When should PBM therapy be used?

The potential applications of PBMT are numerous and applied in a large number of studies, experimental exploration at pre-clinical and clinical levels. Current clinical uses are for relieving pain and inflammation as well as treating sports injuries. PBMT equipment has been approved by the FDA to stimulate hair growth and reduce fat deposition, improve degenerative neurological diseases

relief the pain
Before using PBMT therapy to treat acute or chronic pain, the provider must diagnose the condition to confirm that the pain is caused by a neuromuscular or skeletal disease caused by aging or injury, and that there are no symptoms or contraindications to the use of the laser. For example, if there are visible lesions on the skin, you must first confirm that they are not cancerous before you can perform PBMT. Pregnant women are also not good candidates for PBMT because the effects on the fetus are unclear. The number of treatment parameters and treatments required for PBMT depends on location and cause. PBMT usually requires more than one treatment to optimally relieve pain. The result may require several treatments to become apparent. Spine-Health.com reports that it may take 8 to 30 courses for a fully effective treatment, and some patients find it necessary to receive 2 to 4 treatments per week. The total number of treatments required will depend on the disease being treated, the severity of the disease, and the individual response of each patient.

Reducing inflammation
For inflammation, PBMT causes a small increase in arteries and lymphatic vessels in the body, which is called vasodilation. Vasodilation can cause inflammation, swelling and edema to be more effectively removed from the site of injury. Vasodilation in the lymph nodes promotes lymphatic drainage, which also contributes to the healing process. Basic research shows that PBMT can reduce pro-inflammatory cell response factors and increase anti-inflammatory response.

Sports Injury
PBMT has been adopted by sports coaches franchised by most major league sports in the United States and by many Olympic sports teams as a basic pain management tool. The trainer claims that when PBMT is part of a treatment plan, elite athletes return faster after injury. For example, major league pitchers use lasers as part of a normal warm-up procedure that many athletes use as part of their recovery. PBMT is also used to treat sports injuries common to athletes on weekends, such as plantar fasciitis, rope strain and various muscle sprains.

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