LED lamp is a new type of light source after incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp and energy-saving lamp. It has high
Near-infrared light makes drugs “guide” faster and more accurate, and tumor visualization targeted therapy is expected to be realized The
What is Bioresonance therapy used for? Bioresonance is a type of therapy used in holistic or complementary medicine. It uses
Ultrasound Medical Technology As we all know, ultrasound is a sound wave beyond the scope of human hearing. We can
Street interview about minor problems Recently, a reporter conducted a street interview, the topic was whether he would go to
Big market, welfare of office staff As we all know, sedentary office workers are prone to neck and shoulder pain
Beautiful Love & Good Memories Recently, 110 received an alarm saying that an old man had Alzheimer’s disease and was
During the period of Covid 19 ,how to do personal Health Care at home? After the outbreak of the Covid
Click the links below for study abstracts on Peripheral Neuropathy
The 850nm wavelength is the iconic platinum LED at near-infrared wavelengths. In many cases, 850nm amplifies the advantages provided by
The 830nm wavelength is not easily absorbed by the body, so it can penetrate skin and tissues deeper and into
The 810nm wavelength has the ability to extend from the skull to the brain, with unique neurological benefits. Many visionary

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