light therapy –Big market, welfare of office staff

Big market, welfare of office staff

As we all know, sedentary office workers are prone to neck and shoulder pain and waist pain. Usually it is not very serious, but it will be very uncomfortable. Affect office efficiency and mood.Of course, there are other problems, such as obesity and myopia.

So how can office white-collar workers try to make themselves more comfortable?

Of course. There are many products that are suitable for white-collar workers, such as massage pillow, massage belt . However these are useful , but they may be influence your work. As I know , a company named Shenzhen Guangyang Zhongkang Technology Co., Ltd., this company can provide such product—- Light Therapy Pad and infrared therapy pad.

Light Therapy Pad is what I want to recommended. And I know , in this company, staffs can use their products for free.That is their welfare, no need to cost their money and can make them comfortable. What a good welfare.

And I have to say, I found a very big market. You can think about how many office white-collar workers around the world are suffering from neck and shoulder pain and waist pain? Would they hope to alleviate such pain? Of course they want!

Actually, Light Therapy Pad is not expensive, almost all the people can afford it. And According to research, The 650nm wavelength promotes healing and regeneration,reduces neuropathic pain,and improves bone healing; The 850nm wave length reduces joint and muscle pain,enhance muscle recovery,promotes wound healing,and reduces wrinkles and pigmentation;The conbination of 660nm and 850nm wavelengths has significant analgesic and healing functions,increases oxygen and blood flow,and improves blood circulation. So it is scientific and trustworthy.

Traders , why not to buy it and sell Light Therapy Pad to global white-coat workers ? not only can make money ,and also can make people comfortable. Business owners can also purchase Light Therapy Pad as employee benefits, which can improve employees` work efficiency, enhance corporate identity, and employee happiness. Why not do it?

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