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Ear infections during childhood are common, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are a normal part of growing and developing. It is commonly thought that ear infections are caused by a type of bacterial infection and that the best course of action is to go to your doctor or the hospital to get a prescription for antibiotics. Most of the time, even doctors can find it difficult to correctly diagnose the cause of an ear infection in a child because the symptoms are usually the same regardless of the cause.

Accurately diagnosing the cause of an ear infection may require an expensive and invasive procedure, and so more often the doctors end up just prescribing the antibiotics. Ear infections are only not only caused by a bacterial infection, however. About 50% of the time, they are caused by viral infections and will not respond to antibiotics.

If your child experiences chronic ear infections and they are not responding to antibiotics, there could be an underlying structural problem. The following article describes how chiropractic care can correct this problem.

Traditional Diagnosis and Treatments for Ear Infections

An ear infection is occasionally just a bacterial infection that will respond well to antibiotics, but it could just as likely be caused by a viral infection. Even if the ear infection does respond to antibiotics, if  it is a recurring problem, structural issues may still exist. The only way to correctly diagnose which organism the ear infection is being caused by is to take a fluid sample from the middle ear with a needle. Thankfully, this invasive procedure is rarely performed.

Some doctors, wanting to help and being stuck in a bad position, simply prescribe antibiotics even though they know that it probably won’t help. This practice is less prevalent now that we have a better understanding of the negative impacts of the overuse of antibiotics on the individual, as well as the general population.

Another treatment prescribed for children suffering from chronic ear infections is the insertion of “ear tubes.” This procedure is a highly invasive surgery that requires a child to go under general anaesthesia. Even after all that,  it is not always effective.

Ear Infections in Lake Oswego

While it is troublesome for doctors to properly diagnose a structural problem that could be underlying chronic ear infections, chiropractors are trained to detect these conditions and to treat them. Misalignments of the vertebrae can lead to muscle tightness in the neck and back. This can impede upon the ability of the nervous system to effectively communicate with the numerous body structures, including the inner ear.

This inability to communicate with body systems can compromise the ear’s own capacity to protect itself from infections and to drain infected fluids properly. When the drainage of the inner ear becomes blocked, these infected fluids begin to accumulate in the ear, leading to chronic infections. Although previously mentioned forms of treatment can sometimes bring relief from the symptoms, they don’t address the cause of the ear infections itself, often leading to unnecessary drugs and surgeries.

Chiropractic treatment is a gentle, conservative alternative that is a highly recommended first step to take for those who suffer from chronic ear infections. A chiropractic doctor will perform an extensive examination, evaluating your child’s vertebrae for any signs of nerve interference. If any is detected, the chiropractor will then eliminate the source of the interference with a gentle, specific adjustment. With the restoration of their nervous system, your child’s whole body will not only be better able to fight off ear infections, but it will also develop strength and overall excellent health.

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