There is extensive literature outlining the benefits of 660nm wavelengths. The penetration depth of 660nm is only slightly deeper than the wavelength of 630nm, which can enter the entire skin tissue range to promote healing and regeneration.

Its various benefits include:

Reduce training fatigue: The combination of 660nm and 830nm near-infrared wavelengths has been shown to delay the development of muscle fatigue and enhance skeletal muscle performance. (Athletes, please note.)

Reduce inflammation: In a study investigating the effects of red light therapy on pleurisy, it was found that a wavelength of 660 nm can induce anti-inflammatory effects.

Improved bone healing: The wavelength of 660nm can promote the absorption and formation of bone cells around the site to be repaired without causing any changes in bone structure.

Reduce swelling after injury: In one study, it was found that a wavelength of 660 nm can reduce inflammation and swelling by reducing the number of inflammatory cells that cause swelling to form.

Reducing neuropathic pain: A study of sciatica in rats found that a wavelength of 660 nm significantly helped reduce pain.

Accelerates wound healing: The 660 nm wavelength has been shown to increase wound formation and collagen deposition, which can help wound healing.

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