Street interview about minor problems

Street interview about minor problems

Recently, a reporter conducted a street interview, the topic was whether he would go to the hospital for some minor problems.

Question 1: If you fall and your knee is broken, but the hospital is far away, will you go to the hospital?

Passersby Mr, Wang: no, I usually buy a brand aid. I don`t want to go to hospital, that waste too much time.

Question 2: If you suffer from rhinitis, would you go to the hospital?

Passersby Mr.Li: yes, I have been suffer from rhinitis. I have ever go to hospital, but they let me down. They didn`t cure it. Just let me buy some medicine which can only Let me stop sneezing. So I don`t want to go to hospital anymore, I can buy the medicine from medicine store.

Question 3: If there is a product that you can carry with you and is effective for some minor problems, and the price is not expensive, would you buy it?

Passersby: of course, I long as it has effect, I will buy it. Why not ? it makes me comfortable and save my time. That is the keypoint.

So according to the interview, we can know that people don`t want to spend much time on their minor problems and they don`t mind spending their money to buy product which can solve their problems and save their time.

And according to our search, there are many products can meet people`s requirements. And today we will introduce one of them—-laser treatment watch. As we know, some special light has very good effect on some problems. Such as 650nm red laser , 450nm red laser and so on. These special light has different effect on human body. And there are many study about light, and you can search it on Google.

And according to our survey, we know a company named Shenzhen Guangyang Zhongkang Technology Co., Ltd, it is a medical & Beauty Product manufacturer. And this company can supply many light therapy products, including laser treatment watch.

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