New PDT Treatment Machine

Shenzhen Gunagyang zhongkang Technology Co., Ltd (Suyzeko) had promoted a new PDT treatment machine.

So what is PDT Machine?

PDT-TREATMENT Cosmetic Apparatus is an instrument to achieve clinical efficacy by heating human tissues, so as to expand the temperature of human tissues.Blood vessels improve blood circulation, promote inflammation absorption and improve cell nutrition and metabolism.PDT is Photo Dynamic Therapy (PDT), which applies skin photosensitizer (photosensitizer) to PDT through dynamic therapy.When the skin is exposed to light at a specific wavelength, it chooses to destroy the disease cells. Accumulating light is a therapeutic effect.The fruit is very good treatment. According to the characteristics of light wavelength, the object of treatment is different.

And how it worked?

the device use different light to help us treatment the skin problem.

[REDJ Red wavelength 640nm permeates skin 1〜6mm

For skin cell regeneration, promoting blood circulation, alleviating acne scars, allergic dermatitis, alleviating pain, activating active ingredients have a good effect. Activate the synthesis of collagen and elastic fibers, and stimulate the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) by the absorption of red aurora light by mitochondria of cells through dynamic light source therapy, thereby increasing cell operation, enhancing cell viability and prolonging cell life. Stimulate deep cell energy recharge.

[BLUE]Blue wavelength 423nm permeates skin 1 mm

It is very helpful for killing acne bacteria, inhibiting sebaceous glands, preventing wound infection and calming allergic skin. Purify the skin. Because of the characteristics of the blue aurora, the Blue Aurora is recognized as the most ideal wavelength, which can stimulate the effective neutralization of purple substances, destroy the acne bacteria, inhibit the growth of bacteria and eliminate the bacteria causing acne.

[GREEN J Green wavelength 532nm permeation of skin 0.5〜2mm

It has good sedative effect for sensitive skin and body and mind. Calm the skin and relieve skin fatigue.

[YELLOW]Yellow wavelength 583nm permeates skin 1〜2mm

Treatment of pigmented lesions. Skin aging, wrinkles, wrinkles, spot prints. Through dynamic light source aurora and effectively play platoon. Cell detoxification and elimination of edema (swelling) effect, stimulate cell

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