Beautiful Love & Good Memories

Beautiful Love & Good Memories

Recently, 110 received an alarm saying that an old man had Alzheimer’s disease and was lost in front of a hotel. When the police found the old man, the old man curled up in the haystack because the weather was very cold. The police quickly took off their clothes and put them on the old man. When the old man got better, the police asked him: Old man, where do you live? What is your name? Remember the family phone? The old man said, “I don’t remember. I just remember that I came out to visit my relatives, but when I walked, I suddenly remembered nothing.” The police did not find any identification of the elderly and any person’s contact information on the elderly. Just ask: Old man, what do you remember? The old man said: I remember that I used to be a teacher. When the farm was busy, I would take the students to work in the fields. One day I met a girl with a ponytail, and I fell in love with her at first glance. The policeman smiled and said: Then hurry and confess! The old man gave the police a white glance, “What a shame at that time.”

Later, the weather became cold, and I didn’t have to work anymore. I was afraid that I would never see this girl again, so I thought I must go and say something to her. Then I realized that she was not live here, just Helping relatives to work, her family walked along a railway a few miles away. The police asked curiously: Are you married to her? The old man smiled and said: Of course, she is now my wife. The railway was still there. In recent years, an overpass was built next to the railway. At this time, the police knew where the old man was from and took the old man home. The elderly’s family are also looking for the elderly. The police said to the old man’s wife: I really envy your love and good memories. He doesn`t remember anything, even forgets his name, but still remembers the first encounter with you, this is the magic of love. The old man’s wife said with a smile: No, that is not the magic of love, is the progress of medical treatment.

The old man’s wife said: He has been suffering from Alzheimer’s disease for 15 years, and he can`t remember anything before. but started using the Biomagnetic Brain StimulationĀ , 810nm Led Therapy HelmetĀ a year ago, and it took about half a year. He actually remembered the scene we first met when we were young. The supplier Shenzhen Guangyang Zhongkang Technology Co., Ltd told me the 810nm wavelength light has good effect for brain disease. I can not understand what is that, but I know it has good effect. I really appreciate this company and their product.

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